Anti-Spam Policy

We are against SPAM and we help to prevent it


Whappend’s policy on SPAM is crystal clear: we are completely against SPAM or junk messages. If, at any time, a client or legal person manages to send any sort of SPAM through our services, the case will be duly investigated and punished.

- Whappend does not send messages which have not been requested by the recipient.
- Whappend does not conduct business with companies that send non requested messages by the clients.
- Whappend neither sells nor leases our clients’ information.
- Whappend has a privacy policy which clearly shows how it manages our clients information.

Whappend operates based on the permission marketing. In other words, message delivery only to the clients who have requested it.
Whappend is a company that rigorously abides by the permission marketing rules and wants to ensure that its clients do likewise. Broadly, the strategies to achieve it are the following:
- Terms and conditions: Before being able to use our Free Demo, clients must accept the Terms and Conditions which engage them in not sending non-requested messages.
- Identification: The recipient’s information must always be correct.
- Unsubscribing:Wen receiving the word unsubscribe Whappend includes the recipient in a black list not to send future messages from the same sender, as required by law.
- Sender information: Each message generated through Whappend has the legitimate information of the user who generated the message.
To prevent SPAM and its implied consequences, before sending a message verify that your proceedings comply with the following principles:
- Your registries have not been made based on purchased or rented lists.
- In your registry list there are no generic or suspicious numberings.
- Your registry list is updated and does not contain numbers from people who have subscribed long ago.
- Your messages are only addressed to people who have given you their express permission to send them notifications.
- The unsubscribing system works correctly.
- The message does not contain false or erroneous information.

Whappend is a company focused on permission marketing having all the necessary tools, in terms of development and control to prevent your company from incurring in any of the vices that could make it suspicious of generating SPAM.
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